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JumpStart Productions specializes in Video Production catering to the Live TV Shopping Networks.  We write, design and produce powerful B-roll footage that depicts the features and benefits of your product in situations not feasible to execute during normal live presentations. We work in HD in a format that is requested and approved by HSN and QVC, if applicable.


JumpStart Productions writes, designs, and produces highly successful In-Store Videos with and without audio. Expertly executed and edited, our videos are proven to increase product sales when placed at point of purchase displays within retail stores.  

Many of our videos increased the product take rate by 500%! Our videos currently run Nationally in Bed Bath & Beyond and Gourmet Retailers as well as in the SW Region in Bealls Department Stores.

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TV Commercials

With the best HD cameras and lenses, JumpStart Productions can put you or your company on air in as little as 3 days…for a fraction of what our competitors charge! How? Because we do it all!

We write, direct, produce, shoot and edit network quality commercials, with or without audio, at any location! You can choose your soundtrack, voice over talent or on-air spokesperson from our professional network to customize your commercial as your branding dictates and even sit in on the editing process. For personalized service with professional results call JumpStart Productions.


Increase traffic to your site and win Blogger Awards by adding high quality videos to your Blog!  Put away your camcorder and let us produce a video that you will be proud to post, at a price that will surprise you!  Not sure what to say? We will help develop SEO-friendly dialogue so that you will feel confident, look professional and portray yourself and your company the right way.

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JumpStart Productions produces Instructional Videos ranging form 3 minute How-To’s designed for YouTube and Web Casts to 45 minute video manuals for product package pack-ins. Videos can be produced live with audio or shot in segments with voiceover added in edit.


Training doesn’t have to be boring! We will work with you to liven up dreary, technical jargon into attention-grabbing segments that are as entertaining as they are informative. Let our production crew put a little life into your videos by adding music, corporate event out-takes and animation. Make you next meeting memorable…for the right reasons!

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The first step to becoming an on-air guest, host, demonstrator or spokesperson is to be seen by the “right” people in the “right” format. We provide both services! Pus, combine this with our video coaching and on-air talent training program and you are well on your way.

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