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Video Production

JumpStart Productions specializes in Video Production catering to the Live TV Shopping Networks.

We write, design, and produce powerful content that depicts the features and benefits of your product in situations not feasible to execute during normal live presentations. We work in HD in a format that is requested and approved by HSN and QVC, if applicable.

Media Training

A Compelling Demonstration and Pitch is Critical for profitable sales on Live TV!

JumpStart Productions will work with you to design an on-air demonstration for your product. We will teach you to use the product’s Features & Benefits to develop a physical demonstration and verbal sales pitch that will not only showcase the item to maximize sales but also prompt the guest to emphasize the features and benefits as part of their verbal sales pitch.


Live-Show Support

Live Show Support is a MUST to keep your Product and your Guest Camera Ready!

The Jumpstart Productions crew will take care of the details, so you can focus on your show. Live-show support includes the following services:

Live-Show Production & Studio Rental

Showcase your products in a professional studio environment, and forget the hassle of "skyping in" from home.

Our studio is located just down the street from the HSN studios and is fully equipped with everything you need for your live airing.  It’s as close to the real thing as you can get.

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